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Why Should a Government Become a Member?

Members have access to a suite of services to enhance their knowledge and abilities to develop, implement, and maintain effective legal and policy frameworks and tools to ensure mining supports their sustainable development goals.

Capacity Building
Our capacity building programs develop governments’ skills and knowledge so policy-makers can foster good governance in mining.
Technical Assistance
The Secretariat provides its members with targeted support by reviewing and advising on legal and policy frameworks, developing guidance, and providing in-country support as needed.
MPF Assessments
We collaborate with member governments to conduct national mining policy assessments to identify gaps and recommendations to help them implement our Mining Policy Framework.
We foster global dialogue between our member governments and mining companies, industry associations, and civil society through our Annual General Meeting, conferences, workshops, and webinars.
We publish objective, high-quality research to provide policy-makers, industry, and civil society with the tools to advance sustainable development initiatives through mining.

How to Become a Member

To become a member, a country representative must notify the Secretariat of their interest. The Secretariat will then provide the necessary membership documentation, which includes a confirmation of their governments’ acceptance of the Rules of Procedure and designate a contact in the ministry or agency responsible for the mining, minerals, or metals sector as the national focal point for the IGF.

Governments interested in becoming a member should contact the Secretariat at

The IGF is a voluntary partnership, and membership has no legal, contractual, or financial requirements from member countries. Any member state of the United Nations may become a member.

IGF Rules of Procedure

IGF Rules of Procedure

A detailed outline of the Secretariat’s operational rules and processes.
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