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We provide research insights and announcements about the mining sector to advance sustainability initiatives.

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May 10, 2023
The IGF and OECD are seeking public comments on two resources designed to support developing countries in addressing the transfer pricing challenges faced when pricing minerals.
April 13, 2023
The IGF and NCEA have agreed to share information and collaborate to provide technical assistance in environmental and social governance in the mining sectors of IGF member countries.
March 14, 2023
Zimbabwe has joined the IGF, representing the 81st country to become a member of the voluntary initiative.
November 07, 2022
Togo has become the 80th member country of the IGF.
September 14, 2022
A new report examines artisanal mining in border areas plagued by conflict and presents recommendations for policy-makers in Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger.