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Our Work

We work with over 75 governments to strengthen their legal and policy tools to promote good governance in mining.

We support governments in leveraging mining’s benefits to spur inclusive and gender-equitable practices, achieve financial benefits, support livelihoods in small and large-scale operations, and safeguard the environment through effective policy and legislative regimes.

Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining

Effective and inclusive ASM management helps governments realize gender equality, economic prosperity, and social development while safeguarding the environment.

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Critical Minerals

The global energy and digital transitions are expected to sharply increase demand for critical minerals, bringing significant opportunities and challenges for developing countries.

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Environmental and Social Impact Assessments

ESIAs are a key tool for governments to anticipate and manage how mining operations affect communities and natural landscapes over the full life cycle of a mine.

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Environmental Management

Effective environmental management regimes focus on key priorities such as water, biodiversity, mine waste, and emergency preparedness and response throughout mine development.

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Financial Benefits

The IGF supports member countries to build and administer mining fiscal regimes that secure their fair share of revenues from the sector.

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Gender Equality

As a driving force for sustainable livelihoods, communities, and environments, women’s meaningful participation in mining is critical to move the sector towards sustainability.

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Local Content Policies

Policy-makers can use local content policies for inclusive, gender-equitable, and sustainable socio-economic development for governments, companies, and communities alike.

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Mine Closure and Post-Mining Transition

Well-planned and executed mine closure and post-mining land use helps governments foster environmental integrity and the well-being of local communities.

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New Technologies

New mining technologies are rapidly transforming the mining sector with major implications for workers, communities, companies, and governments.

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