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IGF is the leading intergovernmental centre of excellence in mining and sustainable development. Explore our recent announcements, blog posts and reports below, or visit our press kit for information relevant to media outlets.


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Job Posting: Policy Advisor, Tax and Extractive Industries

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) is an independent think tank that delivers the knowledge to act. Our mission is to promote human development and environmental sustainability. Our big-picture view allows us to address th ...

Lesotho Joins IGF as 74th Member, Aims to Improve Regulatory Framework of Diamond Sector

The Government of Lesotho expressed its commitment to responsible governance of the mining sector by joining the IGF as our 74th member.


Clean energy

Changing Mining Practices and Greening Value Chains for a Low-Carbon World

Drivers of change—from the affordability of renewable energy to government policies to the world’s commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions—have created the perfect environment for the rise of low-carbon technology. Although it is not wide ...

New Database Reveals Prominence of Tax Incentives in Mining

Tax incentives granted to mining companies are debated across the globe. Why? Because unrealized mining revenue often contrasts with the lack of vital public resources and infrastructure.