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IGF is the leading intergovernmental centre of excellence in mining and sustainable development. Explore our recent announcements, blog posts and reports below, or visit our press kit for information relevant to media outlets.


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IGF Issues State of Sustainability Review of Standards and the Extractive Economy

A new study from the IGF and IISD highlights how multistakeholder, market-based voluntary sustainability initiatives (VSIs) can promote more sustainable production practices, often at the global level.

Laos Joins IGF as 68th Member

The Lao Peoples Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) expressed its commitment to responsible governance of the mining sector by joining the IGF.


Mine site

Can Local Content Policies Encourage Local Value Addition of Raw Minerals?

**Français à suivre** The exploitation of mineral resources does not automatically translate into industrial development. This can be seen in many countries that are struggling to develop activities to enhance the benefits of their subsoils’ a ...

tax base erosion and profit shifting

How Mining and Tax Authorities can Work Together to Mitigate Tax Avoidance

When mining agencies and tax authorities work together, they can better address tax avoidance in the mining sector. This is why the IGF and the African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) have partnered.