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Sustainable by 2045: Three ways the mining industry can make it happen

On February 29, more than 150 leaders from the minerals industry—from governments, civil society and the private sector—came together to find solutions for sustainable development at the Sustainability Forum.

Base Erosion and Profit-Shifting in the Mining Sector in Francophone Africa

** Français ci-dessous** West Africa is becoming an increasingly popular destination for mining-related investments. There has been a boom in research and exploitation of bauxite, gold, diamonds, iron ore, nickel, zinc and phosphate, as shown by ...

Fostering Better Mining Tax Collection: Our experience in Bogotá

We explore three takeaways from our recent training in Colombia on mining tax collection.

Impact of the Mining Sector on Local Development: Will institutional mining funds for local development be a game-changer?

** Français ci-dessous** Unlike the impact of mining activity at the national level, which has long been the focus of researchers, the impact of the mining sector on local development is harder to gauge. One of the few studies on this topic was p ...

New Technologies in Mining: Six lessons the industry needs to learn

New technologies in mining are changing the face of the industry at unprecedented speeds and scales. Mining processes are becoming smarter, leaner, more efficient and more flexible in terms of employment, but are they becoming more sustainable? Th ...