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The IGF publishes blogs by Secretariat staff and guest authors on important issues for mining countries and other stakeholders. These blogs do not represent the views or opinions of the IGF Secretariat or its member countries.

Investing in the Women Working in ASM is the Only Way Forward

Any effort to make ASM more economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable must address the acute challenges facing women in the sector.

How Will Women Fit Into the Mining Workforce of the Future?

Why does Gender Equality in the Mining Workforce Matter?

Mining and Climate Change: Risks, responsibilities, and solutions

Mining intersects with climate change in many ways and decision-makers face the imperative to reduce emissions while ensuring supply of mineral inputs for low-carbon energy technologies.

Are Mineral-Rich Countries Ready for Tight Credit Markets?

Price increases in many mineral and metal commodities may not transfer into increased development prospects for producing countries.

Do Resource-Rich Countries Get a Fair Share of Mineral Exports? Insights from their governments

This blog explores results and analysis from a government survey to gauge fiscal objectives and challenges to mining revenue collection.