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The IGF publishes blogs by Secretariat staff and guest authors on important issues for mining countries and other stakeholders. These blogs do not represent the views or opinions of the IGF Secretariat or its member countries.

Establishing Baseline Data for Women and the Mine of the Future

Women must be both heard in the workplace and seen in the data to continue to improve diversity, governance, and sustainability in the sector.

Three Government Actions for Meaningful Community Engagement and Effective ESIAs in Mining

Governments have an important role to play to ensure that exploration and mining are carried out in a way that is environmentally and socially responsible, as set out in the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Developm ...

Mine Closure Challenges for Government and Industry

For mining to be truly sustainable, the industry must provide natural resources without compromising the integrity of the environment or the well-being of local communities. Well-planned and executed mine closure can help achieve this outcome.

Can New Mining Technologies Strengthen Community Resilience?

New mining technologies may affect local communities and community relations positively or negative. It all depends on the how well all stakeholders – industry, government, and communities – anticipate and manage this transition.

Three Emerging Policy Trends for Critical Minerals in Latin America

Latin American countries host many of the resources needed for the energy transition and policy-makers in the region are already advancing policies to help countries benefit from critical minerals.