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Protecting the Right to Tax Mining Income: Tax treaty practice in mining countries

This practice note is to help government officials in resource-rich developing countries–who may be deciding to adopt or renegotiate tax treaties–to protect their right to tax mining income.

Global Review: Financial assurance governance for the post-mining transition

This report outlines the current state of—and global leading practices in—mine closure financial assurance to support post-mining transition governance for IGF members.

New Tech, New Deal: Mining policy options in the face of new technology

Examines how technological developments will affect communities, governments, and mine operators and identifies how governments should respond to promote sustainable development through mining in the future.

Guide to Financial Assurance for Mine Closure in Argentina: Toward responsible mine closure

This guide outlines best practices for mine closure and applicable financial assurance for Argentina’s government and mining companies.

Current Status of Mine Closure Readiness: Are governments prepared?

Governments and regulators have been implementing and revising mine closure policies, regulations, and guidance documents, but are those changes meeting the challenge?