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Guidance for Governments: Improving legal frameworks for environmental and social impact assessment and management

This IGF guidance document offers governments a summary of international best practices in legal frameworks for environmental and social impact assessment and related management plans for large-scale mines.

Mining Policy Framework Assessment: Jamaica

This report first presents Jamaica’s development, mining, and legal contexts. It then highlights the key strengths and gaps in Jamaica’s mining policies and laws across six thematic areas before making recommendations for further capacity building and reform.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Employment in Mining

COVID-19 has closed operations in the global mining sector, and employees are being laid off. Governments and industry must act now to foster a resilient job market and protect communities’ livelihoods.

Force Majeure and COVID-19: Legal risks of a double-edged sword

Does the COVID-19 event constitute a force majeure under national or international law? Governments will need to carefully consider force majeure claims and exposure stemming from the global pandemic.

2019 IGF Annual Report

The 2019 IGF Annual Report chronicles a year of growth and engagement with our member countries to ensure mining activity supports sustainable development.