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IGF Addresses Corporate Tax Avoidance in the Mining Industry

For many resource-rich developing countries, mineral resources present an unparalleled economic opportunity to increase government revenue. Tax base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) by multinational corporations and weak tax administration threaten ...

Guest Column: Introducing the Extractives Hub – A New Information Tool

The Extractives Hub is a new tool aimed at helping government officials in resource-rich developing countries access relevant information on the governance of mining and oil and gas industries. It also provides training and support on a wide range o ...

Director’s Message: a Successful 2016, a Busy 2017

Please accept our best wishes for the new year and our thanks to all those who have contributed to the IGF’s success in 2016. It is a busy period for the IGF Secretariat as the IISD team expands to fulfill the ambitious agenda of IGF members and it ...

Guest Column: Introducing the World Bank’s MInGov tool

MInGov is a newly-developed tool that comprehensively analyzes a country’s mining sector and its context, and identifies sector governance strengths and weaknesses. It pinpoints in detail where the sector is not functioning as it should.

Message from the Director

A message from the Director of the IGF on looking to the future of mining for sustainable development.