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The IGF publishes blogs by Secretariat staff and guest authors on important issues for mining countries and other stakeholders. These blogs do not represent the views or opinions of the IGF Secretariat or its member countries.

Mining During and After COVID-19: A perspective from IndustriALL Global Union

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the future and prepared trade unions for the new world of work in mining post-COVID-19, the authors say.

Commentary: Reform mining tax systems to rebuild post-pandemic public finances

In the post-Covid world, governments need to do a resource tax policy rethink.

[EN/FR] Analysis: Mining taxes are on the rise in Africa

Recent legislative evolutions are raising the tax burden borne by mining companies. What trends are emerging?

Three Lessons From Global Mining Tax Policy Responses to COVID-19

Three lessons that emerged from our trio of webinars on the topic.

[EN/ES] Webinar Q&A/Preguntas y Respuestas: Respuestas de Política y Administración Tributaria Minera en Tiempo de Crisis

Responses to some participant questions from our Spanish-language webinar: Mining Tax Policy and Administrative Responses to COVID-19.