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The IGF publishes blogs by Secretariat staff and guest authors on important issues for mining countries and other stakeholders. These blogs do not represent the views or opinions of the IGF Secretariat or its member countries.

Five Ways Mining Policy-Makers Can Support Gender Equality through Community Development

We break down five recommendations for governments to establish good policy instruments that help remedy longstanding gender inequalities.

Civil Society Perspectives on the Implications of Global Digital Tax Reforms for African Mining Countries

Perspectives from African civil society about the the implications of the global digital tax reforms on the mining countries.

Disaggregated Data: The foundation of gendered impact assessments

Governments and mining companies need gender-disaggregated data to — which is severely lacking in the sector — to adequately address gendered impacts.

Unlocking the Potential for Local Value Addition in the Construction Raw Materials Sector in India and Indonesia

This study focuses on two urban centres in India and Indonesia and includes a value chain analysis of selected construction raw materials, identifies environmental and socioeconomic market barriers, potentials, and opportunities.

Local Content Responses to COVID-19 and Automation? The Answer is Data

With the impacts of COVID-19 and increasing automation, detailed data is even more important for governments to understand mining sector requirements.