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The Future of Resource Taxation: A roadmap

This document frames the IGF and ATAF’s project, The Future of Resource Taxation, which takes stock of mining taxation practices and considers alternatives to maximize the returns on mineral wealth for resource-rich countries.

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Draft Guidance for Governments: Environmental management and mining governance

As part of a public consultation, the IGF Secretariat has released the first draft of its forthcoming Guidance for Governments: Environmental Management and Mining Governance which is designed to help IGF member states implement the IGF’s Mining Policy Framework (MPF).

Guidance for Governments: Improving legal frameworks for environmental and social impact assessment and management

This IGF guidance document offers governments a summary of international best practices in legal frameworks for environmental and social impact assessment and related management plans for large-scale mines.

Mining Policy Framework Assessment: Jamaica

This report first presents Jamaica’s development, mining, and legal contexts. It then highlights the key strengths and gaps in Jamaica’s mining policies and laws across six thematic areas before making recommendations for further capacity building and reform.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Employment in Mining

COVID-19 has closed operations in the global mining sector, and employees are being laid off. Governments and industry must act now to foster a resilient job market and protect communities’ livelihoods.