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Global Digital Tax Reforms and Mining: The issue of temporary differences

This report examines how the OECD-led global digital tax reforms could lead to lost mining investment and revenue in developing countries if issues related to temporary differences are not addressed.

2020 IGF Annual Report

The 2020 IGF Annual Report highlights a year marked by challenges, opportunities, growth, and staying connected with our member countries.

Global Digital Tax Reforms: Highlighting potential impacts for mining countries

This report examines how proposed global tax reforms aimed at the digital sector may affect resource-rich developing nations.

Gender in Mining Governance: Opportunities for policy-makers

This report provides governments with a series of 25 policy options that will help ensure their mining frameworks support the social and economic advancement of women while minimizing the risks and negative impacts of mining operations in their countries.

Gender in Mining Governance: An annotated bibliography for large-scale mining

In this extensive mapping, the IGF showcases a compilation of articles, reports, guidelines, and policy documents that explore the role of gender in mining governance in large-scale mining.