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Mining Policy Framework Assessment: Ecuador

This assessment report details gaps and opportunities related to post-mining transition and environmental management linked to Ecuador’s new large-scale mining sector, and recommendations for improved governance and capacity building.

Local Content Policies in the Mining Sector: Scaling up local procurement

This paper focuses on local procurement policies designed to boost the number of goods and services purchased by mining operations from local stakeholders.

State of Sustainability Initiatives Review: Standards and the Extractive Economy

This report examines voluntary sustainability initiatives (VSIs), and their aim to promote sustainable production practices in the mining sector.

Background Document: Legal Framework of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment in the Mining Sector

This background document identifies the issues and problems related to the legal framework of ESIAs and related plans in the legal framework of mineral resource-rich countries.

2018 IGF Annual Report

The IGF 2018 annual report dives into our commitment to making sure mining’s benefits are not just shared but leveraged for sustainable development by our 69 member countries.