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We publish objective, high-quality research to provide policy-makers, industry, and civil society with the tools to advance sustainable development initiatives through mining.

This report reviews the concept of mine site relinquishment, scans global practices, and discusses challenges, key considerations, and policy steps.
This publication contrasts legal frameworks for environmental and social impact assessments at varying stages of development in three mineral-rich jurisdictions.
How did the IGF emerge as the global forum for more than 80 member countries advancing good mining governance for sustainable development?
A handbook for policy-makers that presents a menu of innovative fiscal measures to strengthen revenue collection in the mining sector.
This annual report highlights the IGF’s work supporting its member countries in 2022, covering key outputs and activities, including new publications, events, and workshops for go
IGF-ASEAN study exploring opportunities arising from rising demand for critical mineral and metals to fuels the energy and digital transitions.