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2021 IGF Annual Report

The 2021 IGF Annual Report includes highlights of the Secretariat's work serving 79 member countries with a focus on key outputs, events, and other activities.

2020 IGF Annual Report

The 2020 IGF Annual Report highlights a year marked by challenges, opportunities, growth, and staying connected with our member countries.

2019 IGF Annual Report

The 2019 IGF Annual Report chronicles a year of growth and engagement with our member countries to ensure mining activity supports sustainable development.

2018 IGF Annual Report

The IGF 2018 annual report dives into our commitment to making sure mining’s benefits are not just shared but leveraged for sustainable development by our 69 member countries.

2017 IGF Annual Report

Read the IGF's 2017 Annual Report, highlighting successes throughout the year and how leveraging mining for sustainable development can limit negative impacts and ensure financial benefits are shared.