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Annual Report
June 2023

2022 IGF Annual Report

In 2022, we saw a growing appreciation of the importance of mining in supporting new technologies and a low-carbon energy transition. As the global pandemic exposed gaps in the global economy, there is a growing need to address and adapt to climate change.

Throughout the year, we worked with our members on emerging mining policy issues and long-standing governance challenges. While we continued to connect remotely with virtual workshops and seminars, we undertook key in-person activities as pandemic restrictions eased in much of the world. Importantly, we held our 18th Annual General Meeting after a 2-year hiatus at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, hosted by UNCTAD. We welcomed Togo to the IGF during the event, representing our 80th member country.

The year also brought several new IGF publications for policy-makers in resource-rich countries. These included a series of case studies focused on biodiversity, tailings, mine closure, and post-mining transition. We published new gender equality research and data on artisanal and small-scale operations and large-scale mining. We also completed a Mining Policy Framework assessment for Mexico. In many ways, this assessment was our most ambitious yet due to the size and significance of the country’s mining sector.