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The Mongolian Tax Administration partners with international organizations and issues first transfer pricing tax assessment for USD 228 million

Since 2019, the OECD and IGF have been working with the Mongolian Tax Administration to strengthen revenue collection from the extractives sector.

IGF Releases 2020 Annual Report

The IGF has released its 2020 Annual Report which outlines a productive year of serving member governments and the broader stakeholder community.

Gender in Mining Governance: IGF report offers 25 policies to address inequality

Global governments can take action to promote gender equality in the mining sector by following 25 policy options in our new report.

IGF Releases Mining Policy Framework Assessment: Panama

This assessment report examines Panama's mining policy framework specifically concerning six important focus areas.

IGF Case Study: Mine Closure Policies in South America

This report presents case studies on mine closure policies in South America, with a focus on Chile and Peru.