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IGF Releases Tax Treaty Practice Note on Protecting the Right to Tax Mining Income

The IGF's new practice note aims to help developing countries that have signed treaties or may be considering doing so.

New IGF report identifies policy options for mining’s technological transformation

How will new mining technologies affect communities, governments, and operators? And how should policy-makers respond to promote sustainable development through mining in the future? To answer these important questions, the Intergovernmental Forum ...

2021 IGF Virtual AGM Registration is Open

The theme for the 2021 IGF AGM isĀ Building Tomorrow Together: Mining for a Responsible and Inclusive Future.

United States Joins the IGF to Support International Best Practices in Mining

The United States has become the IGF's 79th member country.

IGF Helping Panama Strengthen Mining Governance

The IGF is providing ongoing technical assistance and capacity building to help Panama respond to the recommendations contained in the IGF's Mining Policy Framework Assessment report.