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  • Secretariat Staff

    • Greg Radford

      Greg Radford


      Greg Radford is the Director of the IGF Secretariat and has overall strategic, financial, and operational responsibility for the Secretariat and for the execution of the IGF mission.

      Greg has led the growth of the IGF to more than 75 members and has mobilized donors and key stakeholders to help advance the IGF’s mission. He manages all Secretariat activities and is a member of the Executive Committee.

      Greg holds a master’s degree in environmental management and has more than 25 years of experience in over 50 countries. He has held senior management positions at Canadian and international organizations, including Director of the Environmental, Social, and Governance Department at the International Finance Corporation and President of the International Association for Impact Assessment.

      Greg is based in Ottawa, Canada.

    • Isabelle Ramdoo

      Isabelle Ramdoo

      Deputy Director

      Isabelle Ramdoo is the Deputy Director of the IGF Secretariat and leads its work on local content policies and the New Tech, New Deal project.

      Isabelle is an economist with over 20 years of experience in trade negotiations and industrial policy. She has worked as a senior advisor to the African Minerals Development Centre/United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, as Deputy Head of Programme, Economic Transformation, at the European Centre for Development Policy Management, and as an economist and trade negotiator for the Government of Mauritius.

      Isabelle is fluent in English and French and is based in Paris, France.

    • Alec Crawford

      Alec Crawford

      Senior Policy Advisor

      Alec Crawford is a Senior Policy Advisor with the IGF Secretariat focusing on program delivery, including leading the implementation of Mining Policy Framework Assessments and the design and delivery of demand-driven training programs. Alec specializes in issues around artisanal and small-scale mining, responsible supply chains, conflict minerals, and minerals and metals for climate action.

      Alec also works with the IGF’s host organization, IISD, and leads its work on environment, conflict, and peacebuilding; he also works extensively on climate change adaptation.

      He has a master’s degree in environment and development from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University.

      Alec speaks English and French and is based in Toronto, Canada.

    • Thomas Lassourd

      Thomas Lassourd

      Senior Policy Advisor, Tax and Extractives

      Thomas Lassourd is a Senior Policy Advisor with the IGF Secretariat, working on its project to address tax base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) in mining. His areas of specialization include public finance and fiscal reforms with a strong focus on tax policy in extractive industries.

      Thomas has more than 12 years of experience analyzing, designing, and implementing economic reforms in developing countries. His past experience includes acting as a senior economic analyst at the Natural Resource Governance Institute in New York, where he delivered high-level technical assistance, capacity building, and applied research in fiscal policy for resource-rich developing countries.

      Thomas speaks French, English, Portuguese, and Spanish and is based in New York, USA.

    • Clemence Nare

      Clémence Naré

      Outreach Manager and Law Advisor

      Clémence Naré is the IGF’s Outreach Manager and Law Advisor. She leads global outreach efforts to IGF’s member countries and leads the Secretariat’s work on legal frameworks for environmental and social impact assessments. Clémence also contributes to mining law and code reviews, and Mining Policy Framework Assessments.

      Clémence has over a decade of experience working with governments, United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations, and academia. She has worked on a variety of policy issues, including trade and investment law, human rights, and environmental regulations. She holds three master’s degrees in public administration, international humanitarian law, and international transactions and comparative law. Clemence is currently completing a doctorate in mining investment law at the University of Ottawa.

      She speaks French, English, and Mòoré and is based in Ottawa, Canada.

    • Mianú Ortega Trujillo

      Research Analyst

      Mianú is a research analyst with the IGF, supporting a number of work programs across the Secretariat.

      Before joining IISD, Mianú worked with a variety of organizations including the Canadian Women’s Foundation, the United Nations Development Programme, and the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative. She holds a master’s degree in development studies from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) in Geneva.

      Mianú is fluent in English, French, and Spanish and is based in Ottawa, Canada.

    • David Perri

      David Perri

      Communications Officer

      David Perri is a Communications Officer with the IGF Secretariat and leads its communications efforts to strengthen its brand, reach, and influence.

      David’s background is in journalism and strategic communications. He is an experienced writer, editor, researcher, and multimedia content producer specializing in content related to the mining sector.

      David is based in Toronto, Canada.

    • Alexandra Readhead

      Alexandra Readhead

      Lead, Tax and Extractives

      Alexandra Readhead is the IGF’s Lead, Tax and Extractives and leads the Secretariat’s project to address tax base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) in mining. Her work involves designing mining sector-specific solutions to some of the most difficult taxation challenges for resource-rich developing countries.

      Alexandra prepares policy and administrative guidance, provides technical assistance and training, and manages partnerships with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the African Tax Administration Forum, and Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations. She also represents the IGF on the UN Subcommittee for Extractive Industries Taxation.

      Alexandra trained as a lawyer in Australia and specializes in international taxation. She has advised numerous tax authorities in Africa and Latin America on strengthening legal frameworks against abusive transfer pricing in the mining sector. She was named in the International Tax Review’s global tax top 50 for 2017.

      Alexandra is based in the United Kingdom.

    • Marina Ruete

      Marina Ruete

      LAC Coordinator and Law Advisor

      Marina Ruete is the IGF’s Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Coordinator and Law Advisor. Marina leads Mining Policy Framework Assessments in LAC countries, supports mining law and policy reviews, organizes and facilitates regional events and workshops, represents the IGF in regional forums, and manages LAC member relations.

      Marina’s career began as a lawyer in the private sector before joining IDB Invest. She has also worked for the United Nations Environment Programme, the World Bank, the Organization of American States, and the Alliance for Responsible Mining. Marina holds a Master of Laws from the National University of Singapore and a master’s degree in international relations and negotiations from the Universidad de San Andrés.

      Marina speaks Spanish, English, and French; is proficient in Portuguese; and is based in Panama City, Panama.

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      Susan Sekirime

      Project Manager

      Susan Sekirime is a Project Manager with the IGF Secretariat and leads many operational activities, including funder reporting, contracts management, and performance monitoring and evaluation.

      Susan has over eight years of experience leading monitoring, evaluation, and learning efforts for complex, multi-year international development programs in Africa, Asia, and South America. She holds master’s degrees in conservation leadership from the University of Cambridge and development evaluation and management from the University of Antwerp. She is a candidate for the Level III Certificate in Leadership and Management with City and Guilds London.

      Susan is based in Ottawa, Canada.

    • Jaqueline Taquiri

      Jaqueline Taquiri

      Policy Advisor, Tax and Extractives

      Jaqueline Taquiri is a Policy Advisor supporting the IGF’s program to address tax base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) in mining.

      She is an expert in international taxation law and the extractive industries, as well as global transparency and accountability initiatives related to the extractive industries.

      Prior to joining the IGF, Jaqueline worked with a leading tax law firm in Peru. She holds a Master of Laws in mineral law and policy from the University of Dundee and a specialization in tax law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

      Jaqueline speaks English and Spanish and is based in Scotland, United Kingdom.

    • Viola Tarus

      Policy Advisor, Tax and Extractives

      Viola Tarus is a Policy Advisor, Tax and Extractives focused on the IGF’s taxation and financial benefit optimization work.

      She is trained as an economist, specializing in extractives, and worked with Oxfam and the National Oil Corporation of Kenya before joining the IGF.

      Viola is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • IISD Experts

    • Nathalie Bernasconi

      Nathalie Bernasconi-Osterwalder

      Group Director, Economic Law and Policy

      Nathalie Bernasconi-Osterwalder heads the Economic Law and Policy Program of the International Institute on Sustainable Development (IISD), which has hosted the IGF Secretariat since 2015. Nathalie works closely with the IGF Director to provide overall direction for the Secretariat and regularly represents the IGF at international conferences and other events.

      She works with developing country governments across Africa, Asia, and Latin America in relation to bilateral and regional investment treaty negotiations, investor–state contracts, model investment treaties, and foreign investment laws.

      Nathalie has extensive legal, policy, and training experience in the areas of international trade, investment, sustainable development, human rights, international environmental law, and arbitration. She received her Master of Laws from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and her Bachelor of Laws from Université de Neuchatel, Switzerland.

      Nathalie is fluent in English, German, and French and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

    • Aaron Cosbey

      Aaron Cosbey

      Senior Associate

      Aaron Cosbey is a Senior Associate with the IGF. He supports the IGF’s suite of work on local content policies and the New Tech, New Deal project, which examines the implications of new technology in the mining sector.

      Aaron is a development economist who has worked on trade and sustainable development issues with the IISD since 1991. He has over 20 years of experience in working on issues related to international investment, climate change, and competitiveness/green industrial policy. He holds a master’s degree in development economics from Dalhousie University.

      Aaron speaks English, French, and Spanish and is based in British Columbia, Canada.

    • Suzy Nikiema

      Suzy Nikièma

      International Law Advisor

      Suzy Nikièma is an International Law Advisor with the IGF, contributing to research and training initiatives. She assists member countries in reviewing mining legal instruments and conducting Mining Policy Framework Assessments.

      Suzy is a lecturer on investment law and mining law at the Université Saint Thomas d’Aquin and the Université Aube Nouvelle. She has a master’s degree in public law from the University of Ouagadougou, a Certificate of Transnational Law from the University of Geneva, and a master’s degree and Ph.D. in international relations from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva.

      Suzy speaks French, English, and Mòoré and is based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

    • Ege Tekinbas

      Ege Tekinbas

      Gender Equality Advisor

      Ege Tekinbas is the IGF Gender Equality Advisor and leads its work on gender and mining governance, including the development and implementation of mining-specific gender equality policies, programs, and frameworks.

      Ege has over 15 years of professional experience in the areas of gender equality, women’s empowerment, elimination of violence against women, and social development. She has worked for numerous international organizations, including the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, the World Bank, the European Union, and the Council of Europe.

      Ege speaks English, Spanish, and Turkish and is based in Ottawa, Canada.