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Mohato Moima


Mohato Moima is the principal mining engineer in Lesotho's Department of Mines, directly responsible to the Commissioner of Mines and Geology. He oversees the implementation of ministerial policies and development of departmental strategies for mineral resources governance. He has been engaged in issues of policy formulation, mining community engagements, and environmental management aspects of natural resources.

Mohato is a Kimberley Process (KP) representative overseeing the diamond production and exportation process to ensure it meets the KP certification requirements. He also manages mine health and safety, and environmental programs within the ministry and is currently the project lead for the drafting of the new mine health and safety bill.

Mohato holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in mining engineering from the University of Moa, Cuba.

Executive Committee

The Chair, five Vice-Chairs and the Director of the Secretariat (as an ex officio member), constitute the Executive Committee, which is the executive body of the IGF. The Chair and Vice-Chairs sit as representatives of their Member States.