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Training Workshop for UEMOA Member State Officials

The IGF held a training workshop for government agency officials from the member states of UEMOA on the optimization of national economies participating in the mining sector’s value chain in Burkina Faso in September 2017.

Managing ASM: IGF Regional Workshop for Africa

A consortium of East African countries requested training on how to implement the IGF Guidance for Governments: Managing Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining. The workshop sought to enhance the capacities of government representatives from 14 African countries, create opportunities for knowledge sharing and establish a community of practice.

Mining Policy Framework Assessment: Rwanda

This report presents the assessment results for Rwanda, with a view to helping the government target its efforts in implementing the IGF Mining Policy Framework, while informing capacity-building efforts and allowing for monitoring of progress over time.

Mining Policy Framework Assessment: Mauritania

An IGF Mining Policy Framework assessment of Mauritania’s mining law and policies conducted at the request of the Government of Mauritania and in collaboration with the Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines.

Training Workshop for UEMOA Members’ State Officials on Mining Economics

The IGF held a training workshop on the subject of mining economics for government agency officials from the member states of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) in Bamako, Mali, in July 2017.