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Andrea Medina Rojas

Operational Deputy Director of International Control and Liquidation, Operational Directorate of Large Taxpayers, National Tax and Customs Directorate, Colombia

Andrea Medina Rojas has held positions as Deputy Director of International Tax Audit of the Audit Directorate and Advisor to the General Directorate for international taxation matters. She currently serves as Deputy Operational Director of International Audit of the Operational Directorate of Large Taxpayers. Since November 2014, Andrea has participated as a delegate for Colombia in OECD Working Party 6, which deals with the taxation of multinational enterprises (transfer pricing), and the OECD Tax Force on the Digital Economy (TFDE), where work is being done on the design of measures to address the challenges of the digitalization of the economy. 

Andrea has a degree in business administration from the Universidad de la Salle (Colombia) with a postgraduate degree in tax and customs law from the Universidad Católica de Colombia and a postgraduate degree in financial markets from the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (Spain). She is currently completing a master's degree in international taxation.