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IGF Mining Policy Framework


The IGF’s cornerstone Mining Policy Framework (MPF) represents the practices required for good environmental, social, and economic governance of the mining sector and the generation and equitable sharing of benefits to contribute to sustainable development.

The MPF has served as the basis for the IGF’s assessment and implementation work with several member countries. In 2023, IGF members ratified an updated MPF that outlines international good practices throughout the full mining life cycle and affirms the IGF’s mandate to work on the following six policy areas:

  • laws, policies, and institutions
  • financial benefits
  • socio-economic benefits
  • environmental management
  • post-mining transition; and
  • artisanal and small-scale mining.

The MPF is complemented by the Guidance Notes document, which provides detailed guidance on implementation for each MPF recommendation.

Download the MPF and Guidance Notes in English
Télécharger le MPF et les guide en français
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