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Assessments and Reports

IGF member governments are committed to implementing their sustainable mining goals.

Numerous members have requested assistance from the IGF Secretariat in evaluating their policies through Mining Policy Framework (MPF) Assessments.

The IGF is working with a voluntary selection of its member states to help them operationalize practices consistent with the IGF’s Mining Policy Framework (MPF). The first assessments were carried out in 2014 in the Dominican Republic, Madagascar and Uganda. Based on the success of these initial evaluations, the IGF now conducts three or four assessments each year, in response to member requests.

The results of these assessments are published in order to help governments target their efforts in implementing the MPF, to inform capacity-building efforts and to allow for monitoring of progress over time.

Find out more about how the process works online. Please see below for reports on assessments conducted to date.


This assessment report first presents Namibia’s development, mining and legal contexts. It then highlights the key strengths and gaps in Namibia’s mining policies and laws, across all six of the MPF’s thematic areas, before making recommendations for further capacity building and reform.

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Mining is a central pillar of Senegal’s economy and is expected to play a significant role in the country’s continued social and economic development. This assessment report first presents the national development, mining and legal contexts, and then highlights the key strengths, weaknesses and gaps in Senegal’s mining policies and laws, across all six of the MPF’s thematic areas.

Women in artisanal and small-scale mining


This MPF assessment involved extensive desk-based research and a five-day field visit to Rwanda, during which the project team met with a broad array of stakeholders from government, civil society, international organizations and the private sector.

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Synthesis Report

This report synthesizes the key findings from the assessments and the capacity-building workshops undertaken in the Dominican Republic, Uganda and Madagascar to help them operationalize practices consistent with the MPF.

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Dominican Republic

This assessment report highlights how major findings from each of the six MPF themes help identify the major characteristics of the Dominican Republic’s mining law and policy framework. The report also contains a strength–weakness analysis and recommended key priority areas.