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Mining Indaba Roundtable Sustainability Forum

Mining Indaba Roundtable Sustainability Forum

Event Details


February 4, 2019


Mining Indaba


Cape Town, South Africa

Join us Monday, February 4, from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m., for our Mining Indaba Roundtable Sustainability Forum. This year’s theme will focus on impact assessment and management in the mining sector.

Visit the Indaba website for full details about this unique event and registration.

Our session will cover a variety of timely topics in an interactive roundtable format. Discussions will be in English and French with topics including:

  • ESIA and the Mining Permitting Process: Basic principles for an effective decision-making tool
  • Community Engagement in ESIA: How to effectively and inclusively consider objectives, timing and responsibilities in consultations
  • Planning for Post Mining Transition, Relinquishment and Residual Risks
  • Mechanisms and Tools for Monitoring the Implementation of ESIA Outcomes

Moderators for our interactive session include:

  • Nicole Biekse, Head of Program, Mining for Sustainable Development, Transparency International
  • Dawn Brock, Senior Program Officer, International Council of Metal Mining (ICMM)
  • Kristi Disney, Executive Director, Sustainable Development Strategies Group (SDSG)
  • Pierre Gratton, CEO, Mining Association of Canada (MAC)
  • Katja Hummel, Senior Policy Officer, Raw Materials, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
  • Clémence Naré, Outreach Manager and Law Advisor, IGF
  • Suzy Nikièma, International Law Advisor, IGF

This session will also feature a discussion on our ESIA global practices findings on legal and policy frameworks, which will be the key input of our upcoming Guidance for Governments on ESIA.

Team members will also be on hand at the IGF stand in the main exhibition hall in CTICC from February 4 to 7 to answer your questions and discuss IGF activities. Please stop by for more details on specific programs and activities, and how you can get involved with the IGF.