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15th Annual General Meeting : Mining in a Changing Climate

Event Details
October 07, 2019 to October 11, 2019
Palais des Nations
Geneva, Switzerland

In the face of a changing climate, the mining sector must continue to find new ways to reduce its carbon footprint while also adapting to the impacts of rising temperatures, changing precipitation rates, and increasingly frequent and intense storms. At the same time, the sector will be an important part of the transition to a low carbon future, as it provides the material inputs needed to produce solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable energy technologies, and will support climate resilience across a number of sectors, including agriculture, infrastructure and transportation. To help meet their international commitments on climate action, governments must ensure that enabling conditions are in place within their jurisdictions which allow, encourage and require mining and mineral exploration companies to invest in climate change mitigation and adaptation activities.

As a result, the 2019 IGF AGM focused on the theme of mining in a changing climate.

Read the 2019 AGM communique.

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