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Environmental Management Workshop in Guatemala

Training Details
July 18, 2023 to July 20, 2023
Guatemala City, Guatemala

The IGF hosted a workshop on environmental management in mining for government officials in Guatemala on July 18–20, 2023.

The workshop began with an assessment of the state of environmental management in Guatemala through the IGF’s Environmental Management Progress Assessment Tool (EMPro), which saw participants respond to a series of questions to determine the state of environmental management in Guatemala’s mining sector. 

This diagnosis was followed by training focused on the four themes outlined in the IGF’s guidance on environmental management: water, biodiversity, mine waste, and emergency preparedness and response. The training included themed lectures and discussions of scenarios, case studies, and real-world implementation examples.

In total, the program was completed by 25 participants from different government agencies and two mining companies, including the following:

  • Ministry of Energy and Mines
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Vice Ministry of Sustainable Development
  • National Coordinator for the Reduction of Disasters
  • National Council of Protected Areas

The training helped the government of Guatemala to identify strengths and weaknesses in environmental management in its mining sector, which were used to pinpoint where national and local regulations can be improved for more environmentally responsible mining development. In addition, the lectures provided participants with new knowledge and practical examples of how to implement international good practices.