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Afghanistan’s Becomes IGF’s 65th Member, Commits to Accountable and Open Governance

May 9, 2018

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan expressed its commitment to responsible governance of the mining sector by joining the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF).

“We are pleased to welcome Afghanistan as the IGF’s 65th member state,” IGF Director Greg Radford said in a statement.

Afghanistan flag

The Afghan government recognizes the value of joining the IGF, as it is the only global policy forum focused on the mining and metals sector with the aim of enhancing the sector’s governance capacity and contribution to sustainable development.

“The government is committed to an open and accountable extractives sector. The mining sector represents the largest opportunity to increase economic growth in the country. As a member state of the IGF, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will have access to the unique support, global collaboration, and expertise that the IGF makes available. We are thankful for the support and trust this partnership will bear fruit for the benefit of the entire Afghan citizenry,” said Her Excellency Nargis Nehan, Minister of Mines and Petroleum.

“We look forward to supporting Afghanistan’s government in its effort to learn from fellow countries and other stakeholders through our Annual General Meeting to help strengthen the sector’s socio-economic benefits for Afghanistan’s society,” said Radford.

For more information on the Afghan extractive sector, please visit the Afghan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum’s website: (

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The IGF supports more than 60 nations committed to leveraging mining for sustainable development to ensure that negative impacts are limited and financial benefits are shared. It is devoted to optimizing the benefits of mining to achieve poverty reduction, inclusive growth, social development and environmental stewardship. The International Institute for Sustainable Development has served as Secretariat for the IGF since October 2015. Core funding is provided by the Government of Canada. 

For more information, please contact Stacy Corneau, Media and Communications Officer, IISD, at or 613 – 238 – 2296 ext 103.