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Capacity Building and Training

The IGF Secretariat provides capacity-building training and workshops to member countries upon request.

We tailor our programs to the specific needs of member governments and are prepared to provide training on all aspects of mining policy.

We seek out local and regional experts to engage in the training sessions, which further helps to build regional capacity and ensures that the program reflects local perspectives and realities. We have also developed training partnerships in order to maximize the impact of our capacity-building resources.

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There are currently no capacity building and training workshops scheduled. Please stay tuned.

Previous Workshops

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Building Capacity to Implement the IGF’s Mining Policy Framework in Mongolia

Over 80 participants from government, industry and civil society attended our workshop in Mongolia.
Date of workshop:March 20, 2017 to March 23, 2017
Mine site

Mine Rehabilitation MPF Assessment in Senegal

The IGF team hosted an MPF Assessment workshop in Senegal in June 2016.
Date of workshop:June 6, 2016 to June 16, 2016