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Mining Policy Framework Assessment: Panama

This report for the Government of Panama includes a thorough assessment of the country's mining policies and specific recommendations to help Panama leverage its mining sector for sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Mining Policy Framework Assessment: Honduras

This assessment report identifies strengths and weaknesses in Honduras’ legal and policy framework for mining and makes recommendations for the government.

Mining Policy Framework Assessment: Jamaica

This report first presents Jamaica’s development, mining, and legal contexts. It then highlights the key strengths and gaps in Jamaica’s mining policies and laws across six thematic areas before making recommendations for further capacity bui ...

Mining Policy Framework Assessment: Ecuador

This assessment report details gaps and opportunities related to post-mining transition and environmental management linked to Ecuador’s new large-scale mining sector, and recommendations for improved governance and capacity building.

Mining Policy Framework Assessment: Namibia

This assessment report first presents Namibia’s development, mining and legal contexts. It then highlights the key strengths and gaps in Namibia’s mining policies and laws, across all six of the MPF’s thematic areas, before making recommendatio ...