Senegal is a leading producer of phosphates and also smaller quantities of gold, natural gas, and construction material. In 2018, the extractive sector accounted for 4.6% of government revenues in Senegal. Mining royalties are the primary way the government collects revenue from the mining sector. 

Main Minerals

  • Phophate
  • Gold
  • Clays and attapulgite
  • Iron ore
  • Mineralized sands

What Are We Doing in Senegal?

In December 2019 we began working with the Ministry of Mines and Geology (MMG) and the Directorate for Taxes and Domains (DGID in French) of the Ministry of Finance and Budget on a long-term project under the BEPS in Mining Program.

Legal and Policy Support

Our support will include recommendations to develop a mining tax policy and review the tax legislation applicable to the mining sector.


A range of capacity building activities will include trainings on the valuation of mining licenses for the taxation of indirect transfers. Senegal identified some priorities, such as training on the valuation of gold, phosphate, and heavy minerals, along with practical guidance on control for the MMG and the DGID.

Audit Support

Senegal has benefited from several years of support from the OECD and World Bank on transfer pricing legislation and audit capacity and is considered relatively close to OECD best practice in the region. We will support continuing developing audit capacities in line with the program’s priorities.

Photos from our International Taxation and Mining workshop in Dakar, Senegal in January 2020.