What do participants say about BEPS in Mining trainings?




“Large-scale mining is emerging a major economic sector in Ecuador and this elevated knowledge of BEPS risks will inform our manuals for tax audits in the sector.”

- Bertha Soraya Vaca Ortiz, National Tax Control Expert, Internal Revenue Service, Ecuador

“The entire BEPS in mining course has been a revelation. We always thought that we were the only country having problems with things like transfer pricing and permanent establishment, it has been great to listen to solutions from other countries. As government officials, this training helped us to identify and scrutinize international tax and transfer pricing issues in the mining sector in our country.”

- Denzil Gallop, Manager, Mining Investigative Audit – Large Business, South African Revenue Services

“The most useful topic for me was pricing of different types of coal using the world market price database. In Mongolia, underpricing of coal in transactions both with related parties and independent parties is a common issue.”

- Tugsjargal Sereenendorj, Head of Transfer Pricing Division, Department of Taxation, Mongolia

“The transfer pricing audit team covers many sectors, so this program allows us to improve our capacity to review mining companies.”

- Oscar Fernando Trujano Sandoval, Transfer Pricing Audit Administrator, Tax Administration Service, Mexico

“I will use what I learned to alert my colleagues about the risks emerging from international tax treaties, transfer pricing, and offshore indirect transfers. The latter has generated huge revenue losses for tax administrations in Africa. Officials need more training like this to build capacity on mining tax issues.”

- Mariame Marry-Lorde Wendso Dabo, Senior Tax Inspector, Internal Revenue Service, Burkina Faso

“This training is very important for government officials that are new to the mining industry but also for those with vast experience in the sector. For those that have been in the field for a long time, the course offers an exciting platform to learn about emerging issues and debates affecting mining taxation. For upcoming officials, the course provides a strong foundation of knowledge”

- Lameck Manda, Revenue Officer (Auditor), Malawi Revenue Authority

“The training provided by IGF, OECD and CIAT has left us better prepared to address international taxation issues in the mining sector that we may not have anticipated otherwise. For example, the mineral streaming module helped me to delve into relevant aspects of a challenging subject for us as auditors due to the complexity of this type of contract.”

- Patricia SepĂșlveda GarcĂ©s, Mining Sector Tax Auditor, Internal Revenue Service, Chile

“The knowledge we have acquired in the training can be applied in our day-to-day tax audit, risk assessment, and tax collection activities.”

- Mijiddorj Sangijantsan, State Tax Inspector, Tax Management and International Taxation, Department of Taxation, Mongolia

“The training on transfer pricing risk assessment in the mining sector was very useful and practical, reflecting actual issues encountered by auditors.”

- Ignatius Mvula, Head of the Mining Audit Unit, Zambia Revenue Authority